Hearing Aid Repairs in Hilo, Aiea, and Kailua-Kona.

Age and use can take their toll on hearing aids, and while there’s always the option of replacing a hearing aid that has become damaged, sometimes it’s better to attempt some common hearing aid repairs first. If troubleshooting at home doesn't work, please call us today. We commonly provide hearing aid repairs for the following major brands: NuEar, Starkey, Phonak, GN Resound, Siemens, CostCo Kirkland, Unitron, Oticon, and many more.

Common Hearing Aid Repairs
Depending on the issue you’re having, you may be able to troubleshoot or repair your hearing aid on your own. Here are a few common hearing aid fixes you can try right now:

  • Replace the battery
  • Remove and reinsert your hearing aid
  • Clean your hearing aid
  • Replace the wax filter
  • Open and close the battery compartment

In-House Repair
Still having trouble with your hearing aid? Contact us for an appointment or simply walk in to have us take a look at your hearing aid.  We welcome walk-ins!  We know how hard it can be without a working hearing aid.  That is why we welcome you to walk-in.  We will certainly take a look at your hearing aid and will let you know what we can do.  

How Much Do Hearing Aid Repairs Cost?
Hearing aid repair costs can vary depending on several factors: (1) Whether or not the hearing aid is still under warranty, (2) The extent of damage to the hearing aid, and (3) The cost of replacement parts for your hearing aid.

If you purchased your hearing aid from Hearing Solutions Hawaii and it is still under warranty, your hearing aid repair costs will probably be small—or even free! Out of warranty or older hearing aids that require substantial repair may cost more. Cracked cases on custom molded devices can be expensive to replace, but in some circumstances, these cracks can be repaired.

Get your Hearing Aid Repaired Today!

Don’t wait any longer to start hearing life again. Here’s how it works:

  • Call one of our convenient locations for an appointment OR simply walk-in to one of our locations.  We will be happy to see you and help you!
  • We will assess the hearing aid and let you know what needs to be done to repair the aid.  
  • Once we have repaired the hearing aid, you will be on your way.  In many cases we can fix the hearing aid while you are in the office.

We are truly the best place to get hearing aids.  We make it a priority to put you first and help you hear as best as you can. 

Call today and schedule your appointment!